Retro & Classic Arcade Games

Our retro Arcade table is a great fun for all ages. Revisit those nostalgic arcade classics. From Space Invaders to PAC Man to name but a few. Our table includes,

60 classic arcade games. These simple and highly addictive games will keep your guests entertained for hours!

It is fitted with a large 19" TFT high resolution HD screen to provide eye-popping graphics. There are two control panels placed at each end of the cabinet incorporating press buttons and joystick controller. The screen automatically flips between players, so you can take turns without having to change places. The table and controller have a cool built-in blue LED lighting to fit in with any environment. To accompany the table included are 2 x LED stools that can change colour to suit any mood and ambience.

Foosball Table

  • Cool blue LED flood lighting along the entire length of the pitch on both sides - powered by 12v mains adaptor, these LED lights will create a cool atmosphere for evening and night time games - (can be removed if needed)
  • 9mm thick green playing surface with white pitch lines
  • High grip rubber handles
  • Moulded hard plastic players with wedge shaped feet for greater control
  • Moulded score discs mounted at each end of table
  • Thick diameter chrome effect steel telescopic player rods - no ends poking through the table makes this a great safety feature for younger players
  • Raised corners to prevent "dead ball" & ensure fast play
  • Unique tabletop - a single-piece 12mm thick MDF top that fits into the table, and acts as an ideal storage top as well as providing protection from dust and spills. Features finger holes at each end for easy use.
  • Individual leg levellers ensure perfect even ball roll on playing surface