Air Hockey Arcade

Another classic arcade game at JH VIDEO that everyone will love

The Hurricane 7ft air hockey table is designed to play just like a full-on arcade table. Feel the power of twin fan motors providing strong, consistent lift across the entire playfield. Home your reactions to counter lightning-fast puck ricochets. Shoot straight and true for your opponent's goal - and score! The playing surface is made of stainless steel with geometrical patterns rewards the player with very high speed play and demands of players dynamism, concentration, quick reflexes and movement coordination. Striking three-tone graphics and quality detailing make it a spectacular machine, and the overhead scoring gantry means you can concentrate on the game, and not on the tally. Goals are detected automatically by sensors in the goal mouths.

One of the the Hurricane's most useful features is the use of twin fan motors. These provide a consistent, powerful cushion of air, giving you a fast, exciting game and improving your hand-eye coordination at the same time.