JH Giant Ipad / Touchscreen

We can plug an iPad, iPhone, or Android device to use existing apps or any other downloaded/purchased apps on the App Store. This allows the giant IPAD to become a multi-purpose device coupled with a giant display. Great for live demos, architecture, marketing, retail, interactive maps, and gaming.

With the entire App store at your disposal, the possibilities are endless!

Anything that runs on a regular IPAD will be able to run on here too.

Including Fruit Ninja, Angry birds, Candy Crush etc all touchscreen. We can also include games controllers should your client wish to play any other games such as football, tennis, car racing etc and not use the touchscreen. Supports up to 32 multi-touch points, a front facing camera, and a WORKING HOME and sleep button. The Giant IPAD supports full app store functionality.
Supersize your favourite apps, games, and maximize your impact during presentations. Printout facilities direct from the IPAD also available.



We are also pleased to offer a 42" Professional Broadcast touchscreen monitor with stand. Any device such as a laptop, DVD player, Blu ray can be connected to this screeen. Connecting to a laptop will support the touchscreen technology allowing viewers to intereact directly on the screen. Ideal for exhibtions and conferences as it allows you to  display your website and allows visitors to navigate through the various menus and screens by simple clicking or touching the screen. Has mutliple input connections to cater for various sources.