JH Sketch Booth

Looking to add fun and excitement to your party or event? Look no further. The Sketch Booth will appeal to all ages.

Choose your favorite pose, select your painting style and then view your portrait being drawn. From brush, charcoal, pencil and chalk styles to name a few. The visitor simply poses and watches their sketch being drawn right before their eyes!  

Single portrait or share with friends. The print process only takes minute so no long queues. Everyone will get a turn!

If privacy is a factor then choose our Sketch Booth. If however space is a concern then the Sketch Easel is ideal.

Ability to add customized logos and images to the print for bespoke design and branding.

Duplicate of all prints can be made and handed to client.

Props included in sketch booth and easel.

Sketch Booth requirements & info

  • Electrics are all PAT tested
  • We require 1 x 13 amp plug socket
  • Set up tie approximately 90 minutes
  • Accomodates up to 3 people  at any one time
  • Live Screen outside of booth to entertain the guests
  • Booth measures 6 ft long, 4 ft wide and 6ft high