Video/Photo Kiosk

Visitors stand in front of the kiosk and use the touchscreen to record their own video messages and have their photo taken. The kiosk stands 2m high, 24" wide with a 2ft sq footprint. The stand is made from tubular steel with magnetic lightweight removable panels which can be branded. Complete with 19" touch screen and HD webcam.

The software is easy to use with very simple touch screen icons to choose between taking photos or selecting the video message function. The visitor just presses start and stop to record their messages and can preview them after to confirm they are happy with their recording. All messages are stored to the hard drive for downloading to your computer for editing, uploading to social media sites or simply burning to a DVD. The photos are also stored on the hard drive ready for immediate printing, saving or uploading. Single or multiple photo options. Customise Your Layouts with logos and text. All videos and photos are saved on a USB stick ready for the client. The Kiosk is finished in a high black gloss.