Kicker Machine


Football Kicker Game


For a great football themed event our Football Kicker is a great attraction that  your guests will love playing!


The test your strength football themed arcade game is a must have for any soccer event. Attempt to kick the tethered football into the goal mouth with as much power as possible to break the high score.


Players simply press the start button and kick the ball. The machine measures the strength and power of the kick and displays the information.
The great thing with the kicker machine is that it is a quick game so you will get through many players.


Everyone will be able to use the Football Kicker whatever their ability and you will find it is constant use throughout the event.
Your score is measured and displayed on the digital display as well as funny voice messages and music that lets the players know how they’re doing as well as adding to the amusement and excitement of the game! Also includes LED lighting.

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