Laser Shot is an activity that is suitable for all ages and a variety of events. It is fun, safe and competitive and is great form of entertainment for a host of

Laser Shot is an interactive shooting simulator suitable for all ages and abilities. Targets of various types are projected onto a large screen. By using their skill and judgement, competitors shoot at clay pigeons, ducks flying through the air, or quails taking off from the woods. Many other scenarios are possible, such as target range, marksmanship trainers and a variety of fun games which test accuracy and reaction times and are both educational, stimulating and very competitive. With over 30 games we will definitely keep all of your guests entertained.

Using the latest laser and computer technology, along with a brilliant projection system and rifle, you too can experience all of the fun and challenging shooting sports without ever firing a real shot. A special camera reads the laser shots and relays that information to the computer for a simulation experience like no other!

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