Neuron Light Chaser


Neuron Race and Light Chaser are the fast and furious reaction games you’ll want to play and play!

Compete head to head with friends, family or any challengers and try to beat the High Score too.
Strike the buttons as they light to score points against the clock. But beware, hit a button that isn’t lit and you lose a point so accuracy is just as crucial as speed.

Neuron Race can be programmed for different game times and modes including variation on the number of buttons lit at any one time and the length of time they remain lit. This ensures the game can be tailored to suit all ages and abilities.

This rapid reaction game is not only exciting and fun but gets both the mind and the pulse racing. A great workout for the reflexes and hand eye co-ordination.

Speed & reflex game.

Two player game.

Red and blue LED display.

Quick reaction and physically active game.

 Themed background music.

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