Surf Simulator


Everybody going surfing….. Surfing USA.

Imagine you’re surfing the waves, only you don’t need to worry about getting wet!
Perfect if you are holding a beach themed event or in fact any summer party. Also suitable for Corporate functions , private parties and promotional events.

Challenging fun for all ages. The Surf Simulator is great for those with a competitive edge. Our surf simulator has a built in timer where you can keep track of the highest scores throughout your event.


Our operator has full control of The multi-directional joystick from start to finish, increasing and decreasing the speed and tilt of the board during the activity. And if the rider “wipes out” the joystick is released, stopping the movement instantly and prevent
any risk to the fallen rider.


This game will quickly draw a crowd as you watch wannabe surfers go head to head in a battle for the longest ride.

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